Lovegreen Weddings

I hope you enjoy these samples of my work..  As the pictures show, I have a passion for capturing authentic moments, genuine emotion, and to be able to do so amongst the natural beauty of Tropical North Queensland is an absolute treat!


I very much enjoy working with people, putting them at ease, gently guiding things to allow for natural interaction, memories which are real. Your day is a celebration of love, and my aim is to capture light which will serve to remind you of the feelings, moments and details of that celebration. I also have a deep passion for the landscape that surrounds us, so the end result is a collection of images which focus on the actual experience of your wedding day, and which capture it in a way that celebrates the beauty of our unique location.  Rest assured we will balance the candid flow with some artistic direction to deliver "real moments, beautiful images". 

With fifteen years of experience, you can relax and enjoy your day, confident that your precious memories will be passionately and creatively captured to savour for ever.

Here is some pricing information.

I'd love to meet and answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to arrange a catch-up in person, or online.


Pricing Guide


Photography - 2 Hour Package


2 hours of photography (Includes stills, optional video and drone).



Photography - 4 Hour Package


4 hours of photography, (Includes stills, optional video and drone).



Photography - 6 Hour Package


6 hours of photography, (Includes stills, optional video and drone).



Photography - Unlimited Package


Unlimited coverage of your wedding day, (Includes stills, optional video and drone).



Included with your package:


A full set of “Capture Files” (low res unedited set of everything caught on the day):


Your set of High Res individually Art-worked stills finals


Your edited camera and drone video footage. 

Custom Editing service.

I am also very happy to edit any gems you might find amongst the "capture files", to bring them to their potential. Once you have had a look through your images, just let me know if there is anything you would like to fine-tune amongst your edited files, or if you have found a few extras that you'd like me to bring to life from the unedited set - at no extra cost.

For clarity, I want to explain that I have shot stills for over 15 years - and it’s my absolute passion, however as I have spent more time using a drone and since my mirrorless camera now shoots outstanding video, I’ve found myself capturing a certain amount of video - and thoroughly enjoying working with it, using it to help tell the story of the day…  So while my focus is definitely the old skool stills photography, I’m wanting my couples to be aware that I am happy to switch to video mode now and then during the day, and capture some motion as we go - edited and delivered with love, no separate cost, and no distraction from the natural flow. 

The Lovegreen  “Movie Album”


As an option, for the complete package, I would also love to seamlessly combine your stills and motion, set to music in a professional production from your day. The ultimate digital “Album”.

Pricing depends on the size of the project, but as this is a new product, I am offering an introductory discount of 50% for any “Movie Albums" booked before April 30th 2022. 💃💞🕺Please take a look, and let’s discuss your ideas!


Rachel and David's Movie Album