Save the Date Rocked

February 8, 2017

Not being a "sales" oriented person, it was a tad confronting to show up at my first Wedding Expo in many years, but now with a site, quite some runs on the board,  and a sweet library behind behind me, it was fun! Just wish everyone had more time to look at the images, and to talk...  Soooo many people - well done to the team who put it together. Thank you to those couples who took the time to meet, and THANK YOU Joanne Male. O  


New to blogging and wanting it to be fun to follow, so I'm going to post things as they happen, and when it's quiet, I'll dig into the treasury of images busting to jump off the hard-drive, and share...


I took a camera to the Expo and snapped a few between chats.  Nothing fancy - but some good fun. Here is a link to a few pics and I love this gorgeous $10 wedding dress from the Leukaemia Foundation.  :  )  and this little cherub is priceless - joy!!!




Saving the Date for 2018!











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